Monday, June 22, 2020

Fathers Day

Fathers Day Writen By. Phallika Seng

2020/21/06 Fathers Day.
On Fathers Day I made some food for my dad like chicken and eggs. We went into my Dads van after that and drove to Surrey to get an inflatable boat at Canadian Tire but when we were there my sister (littlest sister) was sleeping and so I had to stay in the car with my other sister Phallita. Minutes later my sister in the front of the car and trying to open the windows but truns on the alarm of the car I was super mad at her for doing that so I asked her to go and sit in the back when it stopped beeping or honking. After my dad came back with nothing I told him what happened when he was shopping. So then after that when we were going to Walmart both of my sisters slept and I really wanted to go inside of Walmart but I had to stay in the car again and I was sad but I had my dads phone when he left and had the keys for the car if the beeping happened again. After my dad came back with food we went to go to the Buddhist temple to give the food and my dad wanted me to take a video of it so I did and then we headed to tthe gas station to get the gas for the car and we got the the gas station that was close and got gas I helped my dad out the gas in the car and also washed the car. Got mcdonalds and went home and when we were home my mom was also so we watched a movie and then the day was done I went to bed and slept and that was my Fathers day or my dads I don't really know.

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